Frequently Asked Questions

Residential Customers

    • Do I need to hire a plumber if I decide to have your company install an irrigation system?
      You won’t have to hire a plumber. Lisco will take care of all the details, including plumbing. Lisco has a licensed plumber on staff (licensed in MA. and RI).
    • Is it better to install lawn sprinkler systems with an established lawn, or when loam has recently been put down?
      Lisco can install an irrigation system on new lawns or established lawns with minimal disturbance to the area.
    • What is the best time to install a sprinkler system?
      Lisco will install irrigation systems year-round, provided the ground is not frozen.
    • What are your payment terms?
      We require a 1/3 deposit when the contract is signed for new installations.  The balance is due after completion of the work, and the system has been demonstrated to the client. Maintenance and repair invoices are billed on net 10-day terms.
    • Does your company maintain systems other than their own?
      Yes, Lisco will be happy to help you maintain your system, even if we didn’t install it.
    • How long does it take to install a basic system?
      Most residential systems take one day to install.  You will be able to resume normal use of your yard the same day.
    • How long does it take to see the benefits of having a sprinkler system before my lawn starts?
    • Is training on the automatic control panel included with the installation price?
      Before accepting final payment, a Lisco representative will give you a complete walk-through of your system, including a review of the controls. We will also make recommendations as to how to best water your landscape.
    • What kind of customer support does your company offer if I have any questions?
      If our customers ever have any questions about their system, we maintain a full staff to service your needs.
    • How long is the warranty on parts for a newly installed system?
      The warranty can vary from the individual manufacturers, but generally it is two years.
    • What is the best time of the day to irrigate a lawn?
      Early morning to take advantage of less evaporation and less wind.
    • Will my irrigation system run if it is raining?
      All of our irrigation systems are fitted with rain sensors to prevent overwatering in the event of rain.
    • Is Lisco Irrigation a “Green Friendly” company?
      Yes, we are an EPA Water Sense Partner, and we utilize the latest ET monitoring devices; and we design and build irrigation systems using collected water.
    • Are there any maintenance requirements to expect once my irrigation system has been installed?
      Normal maintenance of your system is minimal other than seasonal adjustments and winterizing.
    • Will your company install additional heads on a system?
      We are happy to add zones to an existing system, even if we didn’t install it.
    • What equipment manufacturers do you use?
      We choose the best manufacturers to serve your needs best.
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