Going Green

Rain Harvesting MA, RI

At Lisco, we are committed to “going green”, which is why we install cutting edge equipment in Massachusetts ( MA ) and Rhode Island ( RI ), to utilize the latest techniques for installation and maintenance of your system.  Concerned about water consumption?  Let Lisco install a well, so you can rest assured your rain harvesting system is using groundwater instead of costly drinking water.  Our rain harvesting equipment will make your system even more efficient and save you money on your water bill!

  • Ask us about a rainwater harvesting system.
  • You can also customize your system with water storage tanks.
  • Rain sensors conserve water and save you money.
  • Soil moisture sensors monitor the moisture content of your soil to help pinpoint your exact watering needs.
  • ET sensors can help your system automatically adjust to daily environmental changes.


Drip Irrigation (also called Trickle Irrigation) is just one of the latest developments in irrigation technology.  


The Benefits of Drip Irrigation:

  • You’ll use less water.  Because the drip irrigation targets only the roots, less water is needed.  Drip Irrigation also reduces waste from wind and evaporation.
  • You’ll have fewer weeds growing.  With less water, you’ll find fewer weeds growing.
  • Your plants are less likely to develop disease.  Targeting the root systems allows the leaves to stay dryer and prevents fungal growth and plant disease.  As a secondary benefit, you’ll find yourself saving money on fungicides and pest sprays.
  • Your soil and mulch-bed structure will remain intact.  Less water will lead to less erosion or “washing away”.

 The Benefits of Rain Sensors:

  • Prevents overwatering.  If it rains, your system will automatically shut off, preventing overwatering and saving wear and tear on your system.
  • Easy adjustments.  Seasonal changes may cause your lawn to need more or less water.  A rain sensor can be easily adjusted to match your lawn’s watering needs.

 The Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting Systems:

  • Rain costs you nothing.  When rain falls, your system will store it until it is needed.
  • Rainwater has no chlorine or lime scale.   Rainwater is ideal for watering your lawn or plants and can help prevent scale and rust stain buildup inside your system.
  • Rainwater harvesting benefits the environment.  Harvesting rainwater reduces runoff to storm drains.  If groundwater is unusable or you are unable to install a well, rainwater provides an abundant source of renewable water.  Rainwater is naturally “soft” and requires no expensive water softeners.