Drip Trickle Irrigation MA, RI

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Serving Massachusetts ( MA ) and Rhode Island ( RI ) since 1988, our highly skilled technicians can install a state-of-the-art irrigation system with a full warrantee for your home or business with minimal disturbance to your existing landscape.

One of the many options we offer is Drip Irrigation (also called Trickle Irrigation) systems.  These systems are identified as one of the latest developments in irrigation technology for water conservation. Unlike conventional above ground sprinkler systems which release water in the air, drip irrigation or trickle irrigation systems release water under ground directly at the roots.  

Other Services:

  • Backflow preventers.  We have our own fully licensed plumber on staff.
  • Permits acquired.  We’ll take care of getting your permit.
  • Turn-key Irrigation Systems. We’ll walk you through from start to finish.
  • Well & Pump service.  In addition to irrigation systems, we can help you with a well and pump.
  • Full fleet of service trucks & equipment.  We have a full fleet of service trucks, installers and maintenance crews.
  • Design, install & maintenance of irrigation systems.  We can help you custom design your system, step by step.
  • Spring start-ups.  We’ll get your system up and running with a full inspection.
  • Fall winterizations.  We’ll get your system safeguarded against the harsh winter conditions.
  • Consultation.  Ask us how your system could be better with the addition of state-of-the-art technology or an expert opinion.

We offer a fully customized irrigation system, designed specifically to best suit your property’s unique features and contours.  Systems can be fully customized to account for sunlight exposure, land grade, type of grass, tree or shrub, and any other factors that can improve your system’s efficiency.

Every Lisco irrigation system comes with rain sensing equipment to prevent overwatering and save you money.

Lisco also offers scheduled maintenance, in order to protect your system from New England’s harsh winters.  Let us winterize your system in the fall and run a full start up in the spring.  We carry the tools and parts to maintain and repair any irrigation system – even if we didn’t install it!